Love eating bread, but hate the empty calories?

Try Equii High Protein bread. 

At Equii, we have created a delicious and nutritious bread - delivering 10 g of complete protein per slice.

Eat it to believe it! 

Core values

Making Nutrition Uncompromisingly Good for everyone, including our planet.

Why? Because we are what we eat.

  • Animal-free proteins made sustainably, with grains and yeast

  • Balanced nutrition with good proteins and healthy carbs

  • Clean-label, no artificial ingredients, saturated fat or high sodium.

  • About us

    Equii harnesses the massive power that lives inside the tiniest of creatures on planet Earth - microbes.

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  • Why EQUII

    A recent survey by Sports Farmers Market suggests that 63% of US consumers want to eat less meat and more plant-based alternatives, if it meets the criteria of good taste, clean-label, cost and nutrition, especially protein.

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