Protein-Powered, Carb-Cut, Sugar-Slashed

At EQUII, we craft products using groundbreaking science with
culinary innovation to redefine the standards of nutrition and taste.

Delivering Delicious & Powerful Nutrition Everyday

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Unveiling the Culinary Future

EQUII harnesses the power of an age-old practice - fermentation, coupled with cutting-edge culinary innovation. Through this unique combination, we not only enhance the taste of our products but also unlock their full nutritional potential to deliver a product packed with complete protein while reducing carbs and sugar.

Discover Our Chef-Crafted Recipes

  • EQII Elevated Egg & Cottage Cheese

    Elevated Egg & Cottage Cheese

  • Glorious Grilled Cheese

    Glorious Grilled Cheese

  • Avocado Toast

    Avocado Toast