Innovate • Nourish • Delight

“Hi, we’re Monica and Baljit. Two food scientists that came together to pursue a common purpose.”

Our story is rooted in the belief real food should nourish both the body and the soul. By combining culinary artistry with scientific innovation, we strive to reinvent pantry essentials to fuel the body, while taking taste to a whole new level.

We want people to rethink the role plant-based protein plays in our diets, and how choices we make daily can have a huge impact on our well-being along with the planet.

Our goal is to disrupt age-old fermentation methods with modern day innovation combined with culinary art to make products that deliver great taste and complete plant-based protein. We hope you join our journey to fuel your adventures.

  • Monica Bhatia, PhD


    Biotech manufacturing, Ingredient and Fermentation expert

  • Baljit Ghotra, PhD


    Grain and plant protein expert, CPG, Food R&D executive

Crafted for the Conscious Shopper

We understand the challenges faced by bread lovers in the grocery store, where numerous products boast health claims like Keto, Low Carb, High Fiber, High Protein, and Gluten-Free–but often fall short on taste. At EQUII, we have cracked the code to provide you with both extraordinary taste and superior nutrition.

Our innovative approach delivers avant-garde protein using innovative fermentation methods, resulting in complete protein, delicious taste and all 9 essential amino acids to support healthy body functions.

Our Values

  • Nutrition

    We’re driven to provide healthier food without any compromise on taste. We prioritize the health and well-being of our customers, ensuring that our products contribute positively to their dietary needs.

  • Innovation

    Our commitment to culinary innovation and cutting-edge scientific advancements create the most nutritious and flavorful products to elevate everyday essentials and push the boundaries of healthy, great tasting food.

  • Sustainability

    We stand behind our commitment to make our complete protein products using sustainable inputs of grains and fermentation, helping reduce the carbon footprint of our food systems.

Our Mission

EQUII is driven by the mission to fuel the body with nutritional and great tasting pantry essentials. Leveraging cutting edge science and our innovation in fermentation, we have unlocked a new way to create high protein grain flours with complete protein.

Our unique fermentation process leverages the best qualities of wheat while converting extra starches into complete proteins using yeast in order to bring us essential amino acids that are critical to our health and activity.

EQUII is nourishment that delights. Our protein is complete and highly digestible; meant to be enjoyed by everyone in the family. So gather around the table and enjoy EQUII together.