By Monica Bhatia

Welcome To EQUII™

Life is a series of moments, both small and significant, waiting to be filled with greatness. Join us on a quest to enhance your daily experiences, starting with life's simplest pleasures, great-tasting food.

Meet Baljit, Monica: two food scientists united by a common purpose. Our story is rooted in the belief: Food should nurture not just the body, but the soul as well. Merging culinary artistry with scientific innovation, we're reshaping everyday pantry staples into more nourishing and delightful options, revolutionizing how people view and enjoy their favorite foods.

At EQUII, we're transforming perceptions about the role of plant-based protein in diets, and how even small daily choices can impact a person's well-being and the planet. Our mission is to blend age-old fermentation methods with a modern twist and culinary expertise–creating products with more complete protein, fewer carbs, and less sugar that genuinely taste amazing.

Introducing EQUII™ Complete Protein Bread

Nutrition matters, and we believe in balance without sacrificing flavor. Enter our flagship product: EQUII Complete Protein Bread in Classic Wheat and Multi-Grain. Meticulously crafted with premium ingredients, our bread is far from ordinary. Each slice packs a punch with 10g of complete protein, fewer carbs, less sugar made from all-natural non-GMO ingredients designed to fuel your body and sustain your energy. Indulge in the joy of bread while nourishing your body from within.

Complete Protein Matters

Complete protein is essential for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, particularly among active individuals. Animal protein is considered "complete" as it contains all nine essential amino acids, while most plant-based protein sources are incomplete. How do you guarantee the intake of all nine essential amino acids when following a plant-based diet or if you want to just eat less meat? At EQUII, we remove the guesswork and offer a straightforward, delicious solution that provides the complete protein you require every day.

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