Complete-Protein + Fiber Bread

Magic in Every Slice!

In Comparison to Other Leading Brands

10g of Protein Per Slice!

The EQUII Difference

The bread you never thought possible is here- finally. We are uncompromising in our promise to you: Bread as delicious as you remember, that is packed with powerful protein. We combine simple ingredients with the centuries-old craft of breadmaking, to deliver a better for you comfort food.

Discover our Chef-Crafted Recipes

  • EQII Elevated Egg & Cottage Cheese

    Elevated Egg & Cottage Cheese

    Yield: 4 servings - 22g protein/open face sandwich, and 44 g/sandwich format. Ingredients 4 Slices of our plain or seeded Equii breads. 2 Small endives. 8 Ounces of cottage cheese. 4 Hard-boiled eggs. 1 Medium oven roasted red onion. Fresh...

  • Glorious Grilled Cheese

    Glorious Grilled Cheese

    Ingredients 8 Slices of our plain or seeded Equii breads. 2 Tablespoons of butter at room temperature. 1 Tablespoon of French mustard to taste. 14 Ounces of any combination of your favor grated or sliced cheeses (We love the sharp...

  • Avocado Toast

    Avocado Toast

    Yield: 4 servings Ingredients 4 Slices of plain or seeded Equii bread. 1 Garlic Clove, peeled and halved. 2 Large ripe avocados halved, pitted, and mashed. 2 Small finely diced shallots. ½ Bunch fresh cilantro. 2 Tablespoon extra-virgin, cold press,...