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At EQUII, we are committed to exceeding your customers’ expectations. Our premium Complete Protein Bread and versatile baking blends are designed to completely delight your customers.
  • Classic Wheat Bread Loaf
    Classic Wheat Bread Loaf

    Classic Wheat Bread Loaf

    Regular price $71.52
  • Multi-Grain Bread Loaf
    Multi-Grain Bread Loaf

    Multi-Grain Bread Loaf

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Elevate Your Culinary Creations to New Heights

EQUII's Complete Protein Bread and baking blend are the ideal additions to any menu. Our Complete Protein Bread delivers the nine essential amino acids to  provide the essential nutrients and fuel for the body. Its superior taste and texture are a delight for both chefs and customers alike.

Additionally, our Complete Protein  baking blend empowers food service professionals to infuse their dishes with an extra dose of nutrition without compromising on flavor.

Whether it's crafting delectable sandwiches, artisanal pastries, or wholesome baked goods, EQUII's Complete Protein Bread and baking blend promise to impress, making every meal a memorable and nourishing experience.

Mouth-Watering Industry Acclaim

EQUII has won the FABI® award for taste and innovation for our Complete Protein baking blend. This remarkable achievement highlights the company’s dedication to pushing culinary boundaries and reinventing the baking industry.

Kind Words From The Experts

  • “EQUII Bread is where tradition meets innovation. It is hands down the healthiest and best tasting bread I have ever baked. The Baking Blend Mix is so versatile and I can use it for all my baked goods that we serve at Wynn Las Vegas.”

    Johann Willar
    Executive Baker at Wynn Hotel Las Vegas
  • “At BAMCo, we take the mission of feeding people very seriously and lead with our core values of wellness and sustainability. EQUII helps extend our mission with its great tasting products that are uniquely nutritious, wholesome and prepared with kinder and sustainable ingredients.”

    Fedele Bauccio
    Co-founder & CEO, Bon Appetit Management Co.
  • “EQUII defies what I thought was possible in bread.”

    Peter Rahal
    Founder, RXBAR

Delivering Delicious & Powerful Nutrition Everyday

Tailor Made To Fit Your Needs

Looking to boost nutrition and flavor of your menu offerings? Look no further than EQUII's Complete Protein Bread and Bread Mix. Crafted with unique needs of the food service industry in mind, our bread and mix offer the perfect combination of taste and nutrition.

Our Versatility

We're committed to providing the ultimate level of customization. Our team will work to develop products that meet your needs. With EQUII, you can be confident your food service operation will stand out from the crowd and deliver an unforgettable dining experience to your customers.

Become A Partner And Elevate Your Business With Healthy, Delicious Solutions

It’s time to take your food service offerings to the next level. Partner with EQUII foods to find the best solutions to offer your customers complete protein, fewer carbs, less sugar, and Non-GMO ingredients.

Welcome To A Healthy Future